Spinal Diseases
As the central axial organ of the human body, the spinal column has many different functions. Its special structural features enable the spinal column to dynamically bear applied loads and protect the spinal cord and emerging spinal nerve branches. Wear, injuries, inflammation, tumor growth and congenital pathologies can result in many different spinal diseases with serious consequences in terms of a reduction of the quality of life due to structural changes in the mobile segments of the spine. Rapid progress in surgical methods for the treatment of spinal conditions in recent decades have now made it possible to treat a large number of spinal diagnoses with highly satisfactory functional results and the alleviation of symptoms. While it is not possible to heal every pathological spinal process completely, surgery can, in many cases, reduce pain and significantly improve the patient's quality of life. In the following pages, we describe the most frequent diseases of the spinal column for you. The detailed explanations and illustrations will improve your understanding of the genesis, symptoms, diagnostics, and therapy of the different spinal diseases.
Spinal Column Basics
When gathering information about a specific illness, or talking with your physician, the descriptions of diagnoses, examination methods, and therapeutic approaches you will be confronted with often involve medical terms of a technical or scientific nature.
This section of the portal provides you with detailed information on the anatomic structures of the spinal column, diagnostic methods, and both conservative and surgical therapeutic approaches to diseases of the spinal column.
How is one's medical history investigated, what kinds of clinical and neurological examinations are performed on the spine? What are the potential causes of a “backache”?
Our intention is to provide you with valuable basic information that will make it easier for you to understand the complexities of the spinal column.
Professor Dr. Jürgen Harms
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