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Curriculum Vitae, Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Harms
A01.pdf (134,9 KiB)
Body of the vertebra
B01.pdf (296,8 KiB)
Intervertebral joints (facet joints)
B02.pdf (201,9 KiB)
Intervertebral discs
B03.pdf (198,9 KiB)
Ligamentous apparatus (ligaments) of the spinal column
B04.pdf (303,4 KiB)
Spinal segment, spinal canal, spinal nerves and spinal cord
B05.pdf (318,9 KiB)
Blood supply to the spinal column and spinal cord
B06.pdf (212,2 KiB)
The muscles of the back
B07.pdf (262,6 KiB)
Structure of the spinal column
B08.pdf (592,2 KiB)
Biomechanics of the spinal column
B09.pdf (438,1 KiB)
Medical history
C01.pdf (137,2 KiB)
Clinical examination
C02.pdf (294,6 KiB)
Neurological clinical examination
C03.pdf (213,2 KiB)
Neurophysiological examination
C04.pdf (134,5 KiB)
X-rays and other imaging methods
C05.pdf (692 KiB)
Laboratory tests
C06.pdf (134,7 KiB)
Physiotherapy, physical therapy
D01.pdf (144,6 KiB)
Orthopedic technology, brace therapy
D02.pdf (140,5 KiB)
Pain therapy
D03.pdf (142 KiB)
Psychological care
D04.pdf (139,2 KiB)
Causes/risk factors
E01.pdf (168,6 KiB)
Pain genesis
E02.pdf (173,7 KiB)
Acute/chronic pain
E03.pdf (137,8 KiB)
With or without nerve root involvement
E04.pdf (172,8 KiB)
F01.pdf (263,3 KiB)
F02.pdf (249,8 KiB)
Diseases of the intervertebral discs
F03.pdf (302,2 KiB)
Cervical intervertebral disc disease
F04.pdf (439,3 KiB)
Lumbar intervertebral disc disease
F05.pdf (333,8 KiB)
Spinal canal stenosis
F06.pdf (388,5 KiB)
Cervical spinal canal stenosis
F07.pdf (215,2 KiB)
Lumbar spinal canal stenosis
F08.pdf (361,4 KiB)
Degenerative lumbar scoliosis
F09.pdf (322,5 KiB)
G01.pdf (234,2 KiB)
Rheumatoid arthritis
G02.pdf (1,4 MiB)
Ankylosing spondylitis (spondylitis ankylopoietica, Bechterew’s syndrome, spondylitis ankylosans)
G03.pdf (471,2 KiB)
H01.pdf (222,7 KiB)
H02.pdf (135,2 KiB)
H03.pdf (170,7 KiB)
Assessment of stability
H04.pdf (200,1 KiB)
Occipital (C0) condyle fracture
H05.pdf (370,1 KiB)
Atlas fractures (C1)
H06.pdf (356,8 KiB)
Atlantooccipital dislocation (C0/C1)
H07.pdf (167,8 KiB)
Axis fracture (C2)
H08.pdf (308,5 KiB)
Atlantoaxial dislocation (C1/C2)
H09.pdf (206,8 KiB)
Traumatic spondylolysis C2, hangman’s fracture (traumatic spondylolisthesis C2/C3)
H10.pdf (281,6 KiB)
Fractures of the lower cervical spine (C3-C7)
H11.pdf (252,1 KiB)
Fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine and thoracolumbar transition
H12.pdf (1,2 MiB)
Deformities caused by old fractures, (posttraumatic deformities)
H13.pdf (134,9 KiB)
Definition, epidemiology, symptoms
I01.pdf (306,7 KiB)
Classification (King - Lenke)
I02.pdf (556,6 KiB)
I03.pdf (647,1 KiB)
I04.pdf (144,9 KiB)
History of scoliosis therapy
I05.pdf (1,2 MiB)
Idiopathic scoliosis
I06.pdf (184,8 KiB)
Congenital Scoliosis - Formation defects
I07.01.pdf (503,4 KiB)
Congenital Scoliosis - Segmentation defects
I07.02.pdf (272,9 KiB)
I08.01.pdf (220,3 KiB)
Infantile cerebral palsy
I08.02.pdf (147,2 KiB)
Spinal muscular atrophy
I08.03.pdf (233,5 KiB)
J01.pdf (370,4 KiB)
Benign tumors
K01.pdf (399,1 KiB)
Malignant tumors
K02.pdf (266,8 KiB)
Bone metastases
K03.pdf (473,1 KiB)
Publications, Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Harms
L01.pdf (184,9 KiB)